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Meet Sam

Sam Roccapriore, Owner Rose Rocc Weddings & Events_edited.jpg

Welcome! My name is Sam Roccapriore, Owner of Rose Rocc Weddings & Events. I am a certified meeting professional with over 10 years experience in the events industry. When I am not wedding planning, I enjoy baking delicious treats (French macarons are my favorite), kayaking and lifting weights (it helps that my partner is a strength and conditioning coach!). My new show obsessions are Acapulco and Bad Sisters. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and listen to everything from Santana to JCole to Dirty Heads and more. EarthGang was my top artist of the year (thanks Spotify!). The last concert I went to was Dreamville Festival in North Carolina. And, if you missed it on the home page, we are expanding our wedding services in 2024 to, you guessed it, North Carolina!  Thank you for visiting my website and thinking of us for your big day. I can't wait to learn about you and your wedding vision!

"She was a fun, calm, and encouraging presence,

and her services are invaluable"

-Madden + Jake

Who is Rose Rocc?

Let's start with Rocc. These are the first four letters of my last name and has been a family nickname for decades. On occasion, my mom used to call me and my siblings pebbles (she's so funny lol).


Rose is in honor of my Nonna (my mom's mother), one of the most welcoming and social souls around. If you ever stopped by her house, no matter what time of night, she would make you a full meal, coffee and of course cookies. It's most likely where my love of baking came from. I was very young when she passed away, but I have such wonderful memories of us baking together, her teaching me little resourceful tricks and watching wrestling. She was amazing! My grandparents sacrificed so much to come to this country, it felt right to name my business in her honor. This was their wedding picture

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